Patient Stories

MJ Pampo

I had forefoot pain on the right side and was diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma. I got custom orthotics with a small pad on my right orthotic. My pain was located in a specific area and Lowell made sure that the pad was placed in the right spot. Now I can walk more than a block without my right foot flaring up in pain. I'm very happy and decided to get another pair for my other shoes. I tell everyone who has foot pain to go to the clinic.

H. Lemieux

My 11 year old daughter has had knee pain for about 11 months - yesterday I took her to see Dr. Jordan, Podiatrist at Spring Health Centre. He discovered that her high foot arches are collapsing when weight bearing. Which causes a misalignment and is causing damage to her tendons under her knee cap! He took a mold of her feet and is making her custom handmade orthotics in his on-site Lab, Prodigy Orthotics Lab. We are so relieved with Dr. Jordan's holistic approach to find the underlying issue - while MD's kept turning us away with medications and bandaid style tensor bandages, which left longer could have seriously affected her knees, hips, back & over all quality of life!! THANK-YOU Dr. Jordan : ))))) So happy!


My favourite summer shoe is flip flops, and yes I know they are not good for me, but it is what I like to wear. Therefore, I thought I could never utilize orthotics and I just lived with pain and discomfort.
After seeing the results that my spouse had with the orthotics Lowell made for him, I thought I may as well see if he could help me with my pain. Through consultation and testing, Lowell was able to determine the best solution for me. It was pretty amazing to use the treadmill to see how I walked and what exactly was impacted. My orthotic consultation also entailed stepping on foam to create an impression.

I then gave Lowell a challenge. He asked me what type of shoe I wore the most, and of course my response was flip flops. He thought for a moment and then told me it could be done. I was so surprised! I never knew that could be possible. Esther provided me with a catalogue to select a pair of sandals so that Lowell could make my orthotics to fit the sandals.

Within a couple of weeks I was contacted to pick up my orthotics and sandals. Lowell and Esther were extremely accommodating to my schedule, which was greatly appreciated as I couldn't guarantee a time, just the day that I could pick up.

Lowell showed me how he designed my orthotics to fit into the v-shaped strapped sandal. Very impressive! The ultimate test of course was when I walked around in them. They were so comfortable!

Lowell is a skilled master in his field. I can't say enough good things about both Esther and Lowell as they are professional, yet they create such a friendly atmosphere in their business that is warm and inviting.

D. Lewis

I work in the construction industry. I am on my feet for hours walking on various types of surfaces. I have worn orthotics for years, and they helped somewhat, but didn't provide relief. I went to Lowell because I needed help for the pain I was experiencing in my heel, which made it difficult to walk.
I went in for the consultation and Lowell ran tests that included me walking on the treadmill to see what was impacted when I walked. This was a first for me, as I have never had that experience when I have gone for orthotics before. He reviewed his findings with me and then told me how he would make my orthotics. He determined that with my high arch, he had to cast a mold of my feet in order to achieve the best results.

When I placed the order, I was surprised to hear that I only needed to leave a deposit and pay the balance when the orthotics were ready. This has never been an option in my experience and the cost was less than what I paid for orthotics years before.

I believe it was less than two weeks when I received the call that my orthotics were ready. I went in and Lowell inserted the orthotics into my work boots and had me walk around to see how they felt. I couldn't believe how comfortable they were. He explained that I should break them in gradually. However, I never removed them from my boots and wore them for 8 to 10 hours every day right from the start. I never had a problem.

I have never had orthotics that were so comfortable and helped alleviate the aches I had so quickly.
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