Foot Products

Custom and Ready Made Orthotics

Our prefabricated orthotics have moisture-wicking properties and consist of 35% recycled content. As a Vegan Product they're APMA accepted, while the SOLE orthopaedic shape provides:
  • Mouldable custom support 
  • Equalized pressure distribution 
  • Reduced plantar fascia strain 
  • Increased balance and feel 
  • Enhanced alignment 
  • Improved natural heel cushioning 
With accommodative support, ventilated cushioning and the ability to mould to your unique feet, prefabricated pieces might do the trick. We can also modify prefabricated orthotics, so you're getting a slightly customized item for the price of prefabricated.
If you need custom orthotics you've come to the right place. Our skilled lab technicians meticulously create your hand-made pieces from high quality raw materials, right in our lab. This allows us to control the quality and timelines.

Footwear, Socks & Hosiery

We carry shoes that look as good as they are comfortable. You’ll find shoes from Apex for men and women, and a complete diabetic shoe line from Pedors.
We also carry a variety of diabetic socks and compression hosiery for meet all of your medical needs. Drop by for a peek.

Foot Accessories

Sometimes a simple device like a toe separator can prevent or relieve a problem. We provide comfort and stability for your foot with products such as heel cushions, arch supports and metatarsal pads to custom-made orthotic devices and more:
  • Hammer Toe Budin Splint - 1 Loop 
  • Gel Toe Digital Cap 
  • Hammer Toe Crest 
  • Hammer Toe Budin Splint - 2 Loop 
  • Gel Toe Shield 
  • Toe Separator Combs 
  • Hallux Valgus Bunion Night Splint 
  • Gel Toe Straightener 
  • Toe Separator Foam
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