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Paramedical Services

Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Registered Massage, Bodywork,  Active Rehabilitation, Medical Aesthetics 

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Foot Services & Medical Products

Healthcare professional who assesses and treats individuals with conditions related to the foot and lower limb. 

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COVID-19 Important Update

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Your body & well-being.

Free Your Health. We embrace this phrase at Spring Foot Wellness - it applies to the ease at which we deliver our products and services to you. Your health is important to us and we are committed to making your treatment and recovery as barrier-free and as easy as possible.

Spring Health Centre Surrey

My experience at Spring Foot Wellness has been more than a dream. Their staff is friendly, compassionate, and professional. The place is very bright and clean.​

If you want your orthotics done right, go see Lowell Jordan."

Mildred Relevante

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